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πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Keep Productive Intro Guide

πŸ“‚ Templates to get you started

πŸ“ Templates for Archi-Students

YouTubers to Watch:

Danny Hatcher

Ali Abdaal , Marie Poulin, Thomas Frank & August Bradley


β˜€ How to Create a Sun Path Diagram

πŸ—ΊοΈ How to Create Maps in Illustrator

😎 3D Sun Path Diagram Tutorial

⬛ Iterative Massing Diagrams

🚢🏻 How to Draw Easy Pedestrian Paths

🏒 BIG Diagram Tutorial


1:100 Architecture Podcast

Architecture Social


Two Worlds Design

Unpacking Design

Digital Assets

Digital Assets β€” Select Category Here πŸ‘‰

Best Arch Viz Tutorials

Architectural visualisation is the process of creating digital models of structures, buildings, and spaces using complex modelling methods and powerful rendering computers.

Architecture Post-production in Photoshop

Photoshop Layer Management

How a BIG Diagram is made | Rhino + Illustrator

Rendering Realistic Physical Model - Rhino + V-Ray Tutorial

Landscape Architecture Section and Plan in Photoshop Tutorial

Exploded Axonometric View in Photoshop

How to Collage in Architecture using Photoshop

Interior Elevations Tutorial

Basic Workflow for Diagrams

Plan Oblique Illustration

Google Earth Architecture Illustration

Watercolor Map Tutorial In Photoshop

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YouTube Channels


archi-community club

Architecture Social

Collabed Community



Architecture YouTube Channels

Archi Hacks


30X40 Design Workshop

Balkan Architect

Thomas Rowntree

David Drazil

Show It Better

Alvin Zhu



Joann Lui

Architecture Social

Daniel Titchener

Henry Gao

Surviving Architecture

Two Worlds Design

Notion Tools

Indify - Notion Widgets


πŸ–ΌοΈοΈ Apption

Notion VIP ~ All-in on the all-in-one productivity tool.

Notion templates - Find the perfect template

blocs | notion widgets for habit building

Job Boards

<aside> 🏫 https://www.dezeenjobs.com/


<aside> 🏫 https://www.indeed.co.uk/


<aside> 🏫 Google Jobs


<aside> 🏫 linkedin.com/


<aside> 🏫 https://www.reed.co.uk/


<aside> 🏫 https://jobs.architecture.com/jobs/